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  • Remote IT Capabilities

    The Virtual Office is here to stay. We help companies with their digital transformation journey.

    Today’s challenging times have more of us working from home. More than ever, business IT, remote IT, home offices, and home work practices are now an important part of our lives. We’ve been facilitating work from home for many years and continue to provide IT Remote enablement.

    At Zivra, we have asked our employees that don’t need to be out in the field to work from home. And for those that need to be in the field to practice health and safety guidelines as put forth by the CDC. Most of our clients have now taken this step, and many more will do so soon. We are all motivated by the same things: care for the people we work with, a desire for everyone to stay healthy, and the hope that by preventing community transmission we can shorten this period of disruption.

    There are questions each company should ask themselves when contemplating a switch to a remote workforce. We can help sort through these questions and migrate your network from a local to a remote network. We can help you answer the following.

    • Is your VPN configured to handle remote connections?
    • Is your VPN ready for the added connection load?
    • Do you have enough network capacity to handle the new load?
    • Does your Firewall provide enough bandwidth for the new load?
    • Do employees have the Teleworker equipment they need?
    • Do your employees have network capacity?
    • Have you trained your employees in best practices for working remotely?

    At Zivra, we believe that we are well positioned to continue to provide excellent service to our customers. The remote nature of our work and virtual offices allows our business to continue with minimum impact. Let us share our expertise with you.

    Contact us at 312-469-8372 or ITExperts@zivra.com.

  • Zivra is an award-winning provider of IT solutions that leverages existing resources, processes and IT, and introduces optimized solutions to help you become Cloud ready and create business value. We partner with you and align ourselves as your internal technology consultant to help you leverage the opportunities technology can bring. We engage our clients locally and can offer nearshore teams to support cost-effective engagements.

  • Optimize IT

    Managed IT

    With our comprehensive Managed IT Services, you can stop worrying about your IT and focus on your business. By leveraging our 24/7 Managed Services solution, organizations are able to optimize, protect, and enhance capabilities.

    Scalable Cloud Solutions

    Our dedicated and scalable Cloud management solutions help provision Cloud instances and migrate critical business data and applications to the Cloud. You’ll benefit from our expertise in deployments, agility, and innovation.

    IT Infrastructure

    Drive your business with a strategic and well planned IT infrastructure. Our experts can help you optimize servers, design hybrid environments, and create a business model that can reduce costs and enhance business performance.

  • Secure IT

    Information Security

    The new reality is that data breaches are inevitable, businesses need to put a solid plan in place to protect their valuable data and reputation. We assess your risk and establish an incident prevention plan for your entire IT security lifecycle.

    Business Continuity

    We establish, develop, and mange robust Backup and Disaster Recovery services that are fast, reliable, on- and off-premise to maintain availability and recovery if and when your data is accidentally – or maliciously – impacted.


    We’ll optimize your security and provide a strategic plan to keep your data protected while meeting and streamlining internal or external compliance requirements. We will identify ways to better align your IT security with existing security policies.

  • Leverage IT

    Software Innovation

    Our solution experts will guide you to leverage the right mix of software solutions to drive your business and inspire innovation. As your trusted partner, we commit to ensuring your workforce is well-equipped with today’s technology to ensure efficient completion of daily tasks.

    Workforce Solutions

    We are experts at identifying, recruiting, and presenting well-qualified candidates for specific and unique IT roles such as Agile, DevSecOps, Cloud, and Security. We recruit and assess technical capabilities, and present only the resources that prove to be the perfect match.

  • Effective IT optimization and security has never been more critical. Our experts help enable innovation and growth through support, management, and strategic advisory services. We simplify IT, and help our clients leap into new Cloud technologies that create value and help businesses be better positioned for success.