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    Transformation Services

  • We help organizations transform by providing a lasting growth strategy and helping them to implement and scale.

    Zivra is an IT consulting firm focused on providing top quality professional services and industry insight with the goal of helping enterprises develop and implement their IT transformation strategy. Our mission is to promote strategic initiatives around Development Operations, Cloud provisioning, Security, and custom Agile development to deliver advisory services that increase the effectiveness of an IT organization during the development, testing, and production phases of project delivery.


    Zivra partners with you to ensure that your IT needs don't get in the way of your growth strategy. We design solutions that are fully able to support your enterprise across its value chain, and give you the metrics to identify and communicate IT's contribution to these processes. Our transition directors then work with you to manage the whole change management process. Zivra's infrastructure management consultants understand and will support your IT strategy in terms of cost, efficiency and level of service.