• TestOps Strategy & Implementation

    Enabling shifting left with technology, process, and culture.

  • Take Test Automation to the Next Level

    TestOps is the foundation that helps achieve test automation with the requirements definition process. When we talk about shift-left we are not only talking about writing the automated tests first and then writing code. We are talking about the foundation that it needs to make testing early in an automated fashion and make it successful.

    TestOps Capability Areas

    TestOps is the collaboration of DevOps, Agile, and Test Automation around the following four capability areas:

    AI Testing Enablement

    • Visual tracking and enable AI driven QA
    • Tools Integration with CI/CD pipeline
    • Migrate test cases from Legacy tools
    • Interoperability & Backwards-compatibility

    Test Data Automation

    • Automate Test Data Management process
    • Security & access control for Data
    • Data patches
    • Backup and restore process
    • Managing Baselines

    Test Environment Scheduling

    • Usability and Accessibility
    • Build Automated environment scheduling process
    • Integrated with Environment provisioning process
    • Integrated with Environment configuration process

    Test Environment Monitoring

    • Rich graphical UIs
    • Monitoring during test execution
    • Monitoring during performance test
    • Monitoring during load & stress test