• Strategy & Architecture

    Enjoy security, reliability, efficiency, cost optimization, and operational excellence.

  • Our Strategy and Architecture Approach

    Our framework, boasting of cloud architecture best practices, covers five basic pillars:

    • Security
    • Site Reliability Engineering
    • Performance Efficiency
    • Cost Optimization
    • Operational Excellence

    Zivra's strategy and architecture approach begins with understanding your business objectives and constraints, which starts with baselining current cloud and IT capabilities with respect to people, process and tools. We define the key cloud adoption capabilities required to achieve business objectives, then prioritize a list of activities and initiatives for the delivery of the business strategy, enabling business innovation and reducing technical debt for cloud architectures. We work with key stakeholders to create a cloud vision, and define architectures, patterns, governance, measuring, monitoring, and economics. Our strategy and architecture design is supported by modern IT automation and process optimization. Our goal is help companies drive innovation.

  • Strategy and Architecture Services

    An example of services include:

    • Elimination of vendor lock-in to reduce dependency on services, applications, tools and Cloud providers
    • Clarification of organizational goals and objectives that align with your Cloud strategy
    • Enablement of dynamic capabilities within the Cloud, leveraging auto-scaling as opposed to running your instances all the time
    • Utilization of serverless architectures that allow for only pay for action when you need to take that action
    • Introduction of tools that help reveal instance behavior
    • Development of a Container strategy that provides deployment automation, scaling, and app container operations