• Security & Compliance

    We ensure that security best practices are considered and implemented into your Cloud architecture.

  • Our Security & Compliance Approach

    Security requirements should be considered and implemented into your Cloud architecture from the point of data encryption at rest, to encryption in transit, and finally to automated access to the cloud and integration with your platform. Our mission is to enforce our customers' security goals and make security more efficient by performing rigorous checks and standardizing the process.

  • Security and Compliance Services

    An example of services include:

    • Identity & Access Management user Policies, publicly available resources, report on and encrypt unencrypted storage 
    • Enforce encryption on RDS instances, report on API key age, automatically remove unused API keys 
    • Identify and remediate venerable ports open to the world on compute/db type instances
    • Identify and remediate cloud user without MFA enabled
    • Identify and remediate instances not running approved images
    • Regulatory compliance is integral for Zivra's approach including HIPAA, GDPR & PCI DSS

    Zivra partners with key Cloud security tools to identify the gaps in Cloud security architecture and compliance. We provide rigorous security and compliance monitoring throughout the lifetime of the infrastructure and applications running in the Cloud and your complex Cloud deployments.