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  • Current Job Openings

    Senior Development Operations Consultant


    Location: Miami, Florida [Miami-Dade County] - Remote worksite.


    Job duties: 

    • Provide advanced professional services in the field of Software Engineering for Enterprise Development of Security Operations (DevSecOps) assessment and transformation for clients. 
    • Assess an organization’s IT resources, processes and software tools and provide a detailed recommended course of action and roadmap for Agile Transformation employing Scrum. 
    • Work with Docker, orchestration solutions Docker Swarm, Kubernetes, and containerized solutions. 
    • Develop microservices-based architecture working with Cloud Providers AWS and Google Cloud. 
    • Implement software solutions using products from the Hashicorp suite, including Terraform, Packer, Vagrant and Fault. 
    • Utilize CloudBees Suite of products including SDM, Flow, Core and and Jenkins OSS. 
    • Conduct system implementations of advanced monitoring solutions including Prometheus/Grafana, and Elastic Stack (ELK). 
    • Develop automating security solutions with DevSecOps tools OWASP SAP for web penetration testing, and TwistLock for container-level security. 
    • Conduct workshops on Continuous Delivery solutions using Cloudbees Core/Jenkins with Kubernetes-based implementation on Google Cloud and other Cloud platform.

    Education: Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering or closely related major (foreign equivalent accepted)


    Experience: Four years experience as a DevOps Lead, Programmer/Architect, Analyst, or similar position




    Four years experience working with:

    1. Assessment, development and implementation of enterprise-level automating security solutions
    2. AWS, Atlassian, CloudBees, GitLab, GitHub, HashiCorp
    3. PaloAlto, Puppet, Redgate
    4. SmartBear, SolarWinds
    5. SonarSource, Sonatype and XebiaLabs
    6. Docker, Docker Swarm and Kubernetes
    7. Google Cloud Platform
    8. Terraform, Packer, Vagrant and Fault
    9. CloudBees Core
    10. Jenkins OSS, OWASP SAP
    11. Prometheus/Grafana, Elastic Stack
    12. TwistLock


    All experience, skills and requirements may be gained concurrently.