• Education & Training

    Whether you need DevOps training, an Executive Bootcamp or simply need the help of an Agile Coach, we have experts with extensive classroom training experience.

  • DevOps Workshop and Executive Bootcamp

    Statistics show that many enterprise organizations have either started or are in the process of implementing DevOps and Cloud within the next couple of years. As part of our consulting engagements we provide you and your IT teams with in-depth, customized DevOps training and workshops with the end goal of standardization around DevOps concepts, terms, and software solutions available, to enable your teams to move in lockstep on your DevOps journey. We also offer abridged Executive Bootcamps for executive and leadership teams, maximizing educational value in a shorter amount of time.

    Agile Training and Coaching

    We offer customized Agile training for your entire organization or for specific project teams and will cover Agile methodologies to enable you to execute Agile processes for improved software development. We also offer Agile Coaching to individuals and teams that are on a path towards greater agility. We will help to develop your capacity to adapt to and lead the change that comes with an Agile Transformation.