• Cloud Migrations

    Zivra is a proven provider of functional, scalable and secure Cloud, Data, & Container Migrations.

  • Cloud Migration

    Our unique approach combines Cloud migrations with the implementation of DevSecOps processes, Site Reliability Engineering, and Automation. Zivra's proven methodology includes Site Reliability Engineering. We design for performance and reliability by setting the SLA's up front. Zivra architects start by constructing a base cloud foundational platform with functional, scalable, and secure core services for your business applications. Zivra utilizes the best-practice tooling and expertise to execute the move, driving innovation by using pipeline-driven migration where development, testing, and deployment processes are transformed to the latest technology.


    We use Infrastructure as Code tools and technologies to automate infrastructure and integrate with build & deploy automation for data driven pipelines migrating to the Cloud. Zivra has vast experience with rehosting, also known as “lift and shift”, re-platforming i.e. Application monolithic architecture to SOA, repurchasing i.e. Moving CRM to salesforce or your internal HR system to workday, and re-architecting for serverless computing.

  • Data Migration

    Zivra’s data migration strategy is beyond just data. We look at the entire storage and content distribution process, saving clients money by adapting a paying-per-use strategy with on-demand provisioning of Big Data applications that scale up and down automatically. Companies spend two or three times what they should be spending by not using the right data solution. Zivra uses modern backup tools to automatically connect to Cloud storage to accelerate data replication. We also employ tools like AWS CloudFront for website download services to help get data out faster, and Amazon Redshift to help with big data transfer problems by providing lighting speed transfers. Let us help you deliver data up to a hundred times faster to any multi-cloud vendors with the right data management tools.

  • Container Migration

    Our goal when performing migrations is to have zero downtime. The process of migrating VMs or containers consists mainly of three types of migrations: memory migration, process migration and disk migration. One approach for container migration can be cold migration, where a container is stopped at its source, copied to the destination, and then restarted at destination. Zivra uses Checkpointing and Restoring as a process for live container migration, and Kubernettes as a container orchestration solution for scaling requirements for microservices-type applications. Contact us for an expert assessment and recommendation for your container migration needs.